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* SealBoss 1570 WATER -STOP-FOAM Flexible Water Activated Polyurethane Grout, 5 gal unit and .5 gal unit Accelerator

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Your Price: $529.95
Manufacturer: SealBoss Corp.

SealBoss ® Product Line:

Concrete Repair Products
Crack Injection Systems
Waterproofing Products
Joint Filler Compounds
Cartridge Systems
Specialty Coatings
Equipment & Accessories
SealBoss® provides commercial grade, professional quality
concrete repair
and waterproofing products, equipment and
accessories for
commercial and residential applications. 


5 gal SealBoss 1570 Flexible Polyurethane Foam Grout
.5 Gal Accelerator
Supplied and approved by SealBoss


Sealant for infiltrating water through:

- Defective Concrete (Cracked or Honeycombed)
- Concrete Construction Joints & Cracks
- Limestone
- Brick Construction
- Pipe Intrusions
- Waste Water Tanks
- Drinking Water Reservoirs
- Sewers, Manholes, Utility Boxes, etc.
- Tunnels, Dams



1570 Water-Stop-Foam by SealBoss is a very flexible hydrophobic water cut-off grout and soil stabilization grout based on a MDI (methylene-diphenyl-isocyanate) polyurethane. The resin is 100% solvent free and 100% solids. The gel-time of the product is adjustable by the mandatory adding of a certain percentage of 15x Accelerator.

Upon contact with water 1570 Water-Stop-Foam reacts to a very flexible foam while expanding its volume 30 to 40 times. The cured material is flexible in its elongation and compression properties, and is of a constant volume. Since water is not a component of the foam structure, the cured material is essentially not effected by water or dryness. The reacted material does not shrink or swell.
Depending on the amount of accelerator added and the pressure of injection, 1570 Water-Stop-Foam reacts to a very dense and flexible material or to a softer, flexible foam.
1570 Water-Stop-Foam is extremely well suited to seal against water in moist and wet joints and cracks in concrete. The material offers high flexibility and elongation properties combined with good adhesion on wet and dry concrete surfaces.

1570 Water-Stop-Foam is a product of the SealBoss polyurethane injection resin line and to achieve best results a combination of several products may be recommended in some applications.


1570 Water-Stop-Foam and the 15X Accelerator are supplied separately to allow adjustment of gel-time and to provide a long shelf life. It is mandatory to add 15X Accelerator to ensure complete reaction as designed. A higher percentage of Accelerator added will increase reactive speed and foam volume.
Recommended mix ratios are between 5% and 10% of Accelerator added. In extreme situations, ratios may be as low as 1% or as high as 20%.

Examples: In applications of high pressure water-intrusions, the system will react aggressively on contact with water when catalyzed at 10% or more. A slightly catalyzed product at about 2% on the other hand assures good penetration results in very fine capillary crack injection and for soil stabilization purposes.
The accelerator system has been proven superior to solvent-loaded single component materials. The SealBoss system gives the applicator the choice to control gel-time and reactive properties.
Plan ahead: Observe temperature and humidity of the environment, since both determine the pot-life of the premixed batch. Do not mix more material than the amount that will be pumped within reasonable time. Rule: High temperatures and high humidity - less accelerator.

Since 1570 Water-Stop-Foam reacts with the moisture in the structure, single component injection equipment is recommended. 1570 Water-Stop-Foam does not need large amounts of water to react. Simultaneous injection of water is not necessary. If the area of application seems to be completely dry, pre-injection of water is recommended.

Caution: It is essential for all equipment to be dry. Avoid any moisture contact with the mixture to prevent premature reaction of the product. If reaction of the batch occurs while pumping, immediately shut down the machine and flush with a cleaner to avoid built up and clogging of the equipment.


Remove all excess sealant and any smears. Tools and mixing equipment are best cleaned immediately after use. Recommended: SealBoss R70 Pump Flush is a solvent free, non-flammable and for shipping as non-hazardous classified cleaner, which conditions your pump and hoses. Circulate cleaner through pump for several minutes.
Xylol, Toluol, Acetone, M.E.K. and related solvents can be used for initial flushing. Solvents are hazardous, are aggressive towards plastic and rubber and might be in conflict with regulations on the jobsite. Caution! Some cleaners are combustible.


Protect your health! While working with SealBoss materials, safety goggles, gloves and safety clothing must be worn at all times. While injecting, a full face shield is strongly recommended. Spills and blow-outs do happen! Protect yourself and others on the jobsite. Consider property in proximity of the application area to prevent loss or damage. Protect your jobsite from unauthorized persons. Store all materials and equipment safely and out of reach of children!

Observe container labels, MSDS, and instructions in the SealBoss Product Catalog before using the product and equipment. In case one of the components comes in contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Provide adequate ventilation in volume and pattern in working area. Further protection: emergency showers and eyewash stations.

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