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* SealBoss Epoxy Injection Surface Port Plastic Tribase - (plus red cap) 500 per Bag

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MSRP: $250.00
Your Price: $215.00
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Manufacturer: SealBoss Corp.


1/4” x 2.5″

Durable plastic design surface port suitable for epoxy injections. Caps available. For EP grouts.

Bestseller – a SealBoss Standard

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SealBoss ® Infrastructure, Concrete Repair, Crack Injection & Waterproofing Technologies

SEALBOSS-ISO-9001We are your source for specialty construction products, repair systems and equipment for infrastructure repair and geotechnical applications, commercial and residential. Concrete repair, waterstop systems and leak sealing technology, floor repair systems, coatings, slab lifting and soil consolidation products.

SealBoss is an industry leading supplier of packers and ports

Since 1988 we have been supplying companies worldwide with millions of packers of all sizes and shapes. Mechanical packers and injection ports are the gateway to successful injection. We strive to provide the most comprehensive packer selection in the industry. We maintain a very large inventory to meet customer preference, job requirements and to offer fastest delivery times. We offer mechanical packers varying in all key designs including Packer Material Type, Diameter, Length, and Ball & Valve Location. In addition to our very large packer inventory we offer custom manufacturing for specialty designs, sizes, materials and one-off applications.

Details about Injecton Packers - More information Here

Packer Materials & Types

SealBoss mechanical packers for grouting are made from steel, brass, aluminum, zinc, various metal alloys and plastic. There are important differences in design and functionality for a variety of products, substrates and objectives.Contractor preferences and comfort levels are also a deciding factor.

Premium mechanical packers feature a rubber sleeve with a threaded shaft. As the threaded shaft is tightened, the rubber sleeve is compressed, creating a compression seal inside the drill hole. A medium soft, ‘made to stick’ rubber that evenly expands diameter while compressed provides the best grip and highest possible injection pressures.


SealBoss offers many heavy-duty steel crack injection packer variations. Steel offers the most strength and good resistance to oxidizing components found in acrylate/acrylic gels. SealBoss offers a wide variety of steel packers to suit all injection needs. Most packers are equipped with a rubber sleeve, some have a larger washer on the top of the packer to assist in the installation.

Brass , Aluminum, Zinc
Brass, aluminum & zinc packers are economical alternatives to steel packers with similar functionality. The overall strength is lower than steel, brass, zinc and aluminum packers bodies are softer. In some designs, the shaft can be broken off by hammer after injection thus leaving a flush surface. This is an advantage if removal of packer prior to patching is not specified.


SealBoss Plastic packers come in many versions. Some permit low resistance, high volume product flow and very quick installation.

Zerk Fitting or Button Head / Button Top

Packers are often equipped with either a zerk fitting or a button head as connective mechanism. The zerk type is most commonly used. It easily connects and disconnects and works with medium to high injection pressures. The button head type can be of advantage in high volume applications and it offers a superior connection which is helpful for single operator injection, over head and large applications.

The SealBoss 5/8” (16mm) Button Head packer offers high volume flow with a button head (button top) coupler to minimize leakage. Insert the plastic sleeve in the drill hole and thread the plastic packer into the sleeve for a compression fit via the hex button head. Anti return valve: A steel ball placed in the shaft of the packer prevents product back-flow.

Hammer-In / Bang-In

The SealBoss Hammer-In port (Bang In Packer) is 3/8” (10mm) or 1/2” (13mm). The ports are inserted into the drill hole with the tap of a hammer. These packers do away with the sleeve and compression sleeve mechanism as the plastic body of the packer itself creates a compression seal. The packers are set very quickly increasing productivity on the job site. Due to the lower friction fit, injection pressures are limited with this packer type.

Diameter, Length, Valves


Packers are inserted into pre-drilled holes in a concrete or rock substrate at various diameters. The size of the packer selected depends on the volume to be pumped, drill depth, injection pressures to be applied, as well as cosmetic and other considerations.

As a rule, and in addition to the packer material, a larger mechanical packer diameter permits higher injection pressures. 5/8” (16mm), ½” (13mm), 3/8” (10mm) and 1/4” (6mm) are most common diameters for man made structures such as concrete substrates and seem to be the best compromise in strength and size and can be called a standard.

Larger diameters are mostly utilized in rock and other natural structures as found in tunnel and mining applications.

Caution: Packers and ports can exit the drill hole at high velocities under pressure. Correctly installed packers of the right dimensions will minimize this probability. In general, larger diameter packers prevent blow-out better than smaller packers.

The size of the drill hole equals the diameter of the packer. We discuss diameters and drilling angles and techniques in detail in our 1-2-3 at 45 Degree Crack Injection TM Guideline.


The shaft of the mechanical packer must be recessed into the drill hole deep enough to create an adequate compression seal in the substrate and to prevent spalling of the substrate during installation and injection. For a weak substrate and deteriorated concrete longer packers of 4” to 6” (10-15 cm)are recommended. During injection, the drill hole itself acts as a channel through which the product will travel. However, extended shaft length can be advantageous when the contractor is attempting to bridge a gap in the substrate. For such cases SealBoss provides special length packers to carry the material to a specific point within the substrate.

Top Mounted Valves

Top mounted valves include zerk-valves and button-head (button-top) valves. Button-head valves offer the most secure connection with minimal leakage. Some top-mounted zerks are supplied separately to observe port-to-port travel of injection grout during the injection process. Once material is leaking from the next packer(s), the contractor immediately installs the valve at that time.

Bottom Mounted Valves

Bottom or stem installed valves allow removal of the top portion of the packer early after injection while keeping the drill holes sealed for patching of the hole with the remainder of the packer in the substrate. As a rule packers should not be removed before the injected product has fully cured.

Surface Ports

Surface ports are typically used for epoxy injection.

A surface port is a surface-mounted version of packer for lower injection pressures and circumstances where drilling into the substrate is not possible.  Surface ports are commonly used for epoxy injection at relatively low injection pressures.These ports are glued to the surface or glued inside a drill hole. Many surface ports have an open/valve free design to work with quick release connectors with a multiple port injection option. They are typically supplied with caps to prevent epoxy back flow. There are also surface ports with a zerk fitting for a very secure fit at higher injection pressures. We also offer corner ports for placement in 90 degree construction corners.

SealBoss ® Quality Packers

In conclusion, we generally recommend the 1/2 ” (13mm)  mechanical type packers as a starting point when choosing the right packer.

Steel packers are the strongest and best choice for very high injection pressures. But considering economical factors, budget and job site conditions, they may be overkill.

A larger packer diameter increases the grip of the packer in the drill hole which can be beneficial when working with very high injection pressures. It is best practice to always have larger diameter packers on hand for the event that drill holes accidentally end up to large for the intended size packers.

For steep angle drilling, deteriorated concrete, uneven surfaces and very high injection pressures the longer packer sizes are very much recommended.

If high product flow at lower pressures is desired, the 5/8″ button head packers achieve very good results. The 3/8 Hammer-In packer performs at low pressures in preferably excellent concrete. Precise round drill holes are important for a tight fit.

Always keep in mind that a strong and reliable fit of the packers is essential for the safety of the technician and a key factor for successful injection work.

For specialty applications, we supply modified packer and port designs. Such as surface ports equipped with a zerk fitting to utilize single component injection systems for small epoxy and polyurethane jobs, Injection Screws for the SealBoss Injection Tube Systems for cold joints and other specialty packers.

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