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* FIX FLOOR CRACKS FAST !!! JOINT FILLER & CRACK REPAIR SUPER KIT ! SealBoss QuickFix 6 x 6500, 6 x 6060, 12 Cartridges, 12 Mixers, 1 HandGun -1

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Your Price: $499.95
Manufacturer: SealBoss Corp.

12 cartridges total and mixers from the following products.
The Commercial Grade Do It Yourself Kit includes:
1 Polyurea Handgun 1:1 mix-ratio
6 22oz 6500 Polyurea Joint Filler (Flexible)
6 22oz 6060 Polyurethane Crack repair  (Rigid / Strong)
12 Static Mixers
1 Repair System Manual, Product Information
1 Pair Latex Protective Gloves


 SealBoss Corp.      +1    714-662-4445     Contact

SealBoss ® Infrastructure, Concrete Repair, Crack Injection & Waterproofing Technologies

SEALBOSS-ISO-9001We are your source for specialty construction products, repair systems and equipment for infrastructure repair and geotechnical applications, commercial and residential. Concrete repair, waterstop systems and leak sealing technology, floor repair systems, coatings, slab lifting and soil consolidation products.

Concrete Mender 
SealBoss QuickFix 6500 - Flexible Grade Joint Filler 

 Concrete Fast Joint Filler SealBoss QuickFix 6500 - Flexible Grade Joint Filler    
Concrete Mender
 SealBoss QuickFix 6060 - Strong/Rigid Grade

Latest Polyurea Technology For 10 Minute Joint Repairs
Floor  Joint Repair System
Industrial Grade Repairs

Repair Problem Floors Fast
and even at Very Low Temperatures.
For Garages, Patio, Warehouses
and other Structures.

Toll Free Telephone Support, SealBoss Hotline +1    417-662-4445
For more detailed product information please look at these links:

Do It Yourself and save BIG
 Ultra Fast Repairs
Floor Joint Fillers
Crack Repair, Spall Repair
Available in colors
Flexible and Rigid
Products also available in 5 gal units & drums


Rebuilding control joints Shallow spalls on bridge decks Traffic area joint repairsGrade matching
Used to “knit” cracked slabs
Floor repairStops additional damage Fill & repair spall before coating Filling voids under concrete and tile
100% Solids, Meets VOC Regulations
6500 Remains Flexible, Even in Cold Temperatures
Return Project to Service in 60 Minutes
Cures From -20OF to 130OF
Resistant to Petrochemicals
Industrial Facilities
Warehouse Floors
Manufacturing Facilities
Pulp and Paper Mills
Bottling and Canning Facilities
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Cold Storage Facilities


SealBoss 6500 QuickFix
is a technologically advanced multiple application product. This polyurea is a moisture insensitive, self leveling, 100% solids, two component, 1:1 ratio, very flexible elastomer.
6500 QuickFix
is an excellent joint and crack filler for concrete in applications that are time critical. It works well in adverse temperature conditions as the material cures rapidly in ambient temperatures from -20F to 130F. The tack free free time is 5 to 15 minutes. This permits to reopen the jobsite to vehicle and foot traffic just one hour after the application. Exposure to sunlight (UV) may cause slight discoloration, however the physical properties are essentially unaffected.

6060 QuickFix
is an advanced polyurethane - polyurea formulated, rapid set, high strength, ultra low
viscosity repair material. The product is a two part, 1:1 mix ratio by volume, 100% solids system. This means it is
100% solvent free and VOC free. The material has been designed to fix spalled
concrete surfaces and cracks, and to rebuild damaged control joints effectively and quickly.
Examples for typical repair applications are warehouse floor spalls and other traffic prone surfaces,
where load damage from steel wheels, hard urethane wheels and other stress factors are common.
6060 QuickFix
is also a strong adhesive to bond damaged slabs. The product adheres very well to itself
(wet on dry). Quickfix is not intended for use where movement is required. For moving control joints please refer to our flexible products such as SealBoss 6500 Polyurea.
6060 QuickFix
is slightly moisture sensitive and should be applied on dry surfaces.
6060 QuickFix offers the same physical properties at an extended 'open time' for large applications.
 Clean the area of debris and contaminants, such as oils, loose materials, dirt, rubber etc., for good adhesion
of the product. Expose clean rough concrete for best results. If using a saw to cut concrete and clean the crack,
remove all the dust from the cut out area. Make sure the area is dry. Vacuum or blow off cement dust.
Deep Crack / Joint Application
Apply product to the bottom of the crack and work up in layers.First apply product, then deliver sand
into the applied product. Then add more product & sand. Repeat the steps until reaching the finished grade.
Sand filler should be free of moisture. Grit sizes from 12 to 60.. In exterior applications, the use of dry silica
sand will reduce discoloration from UV Rays. Pea gravel can be used on very large spalls.
6500 QuickFix to set for about 15 minutes or until hard. For best results use a flexible grinding
wheel. Scrapping or cutting may also be done with a sharp razor blade cutter. Cut as soon as product is set
and but not completely hard yet. Repair is now ready for traffic.
Remove all excess sealant and any smears. Tools and mixing equipment are best cleaned
immediately after use. Solvents are hazardous, are aggressive towards plastic and rubber and might be in
conflict with regulations on the jobsite. Caution! Some cleaners are combustible.
Protect your health! While working with SealBoss materials, safety goggles, gloves and safety clothing
must be worn at all times. Consider property in proximity of the application area to
prevent loss or damage. Protect your jobsite from unauthorized persons. Store all materials and equipment
safely and out of reach of children! Observe container labels, MSDS, and
instructions in the SealBoss Product Catalog before using the product and equipment. In case one of the
components comes in contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Provide adequate
ventilation in volume and pattern in working area. Further protection: emergency showers and eyewash stations.

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