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!!! SealBoss 1640 Hi Strength Instant Water Stop and SlabLifter Foam - 1/2 Case (6) Starter Kit

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Your Price: $249.99
Manufacturer: SealBoss Corp.

Pneumatic Tooling Required for Lifting Applications!!
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- Fill Voids, Seal Leaks, Fill & Lift Applications
- High Strength Foam
- Immediate Reaction for Water Cut-Off
- Ideal for Pinhole Leaks
- High Density Polyurethane For Slab Lifting
- Reacts in Seconds Even Without Water
- Pneumatic Tooling for High Volumes
- Reorder Kits Available (See Related Items Below)



® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 is a

closed cell, two-component, non-shrink polyurethane foam with

structural properties. This MDI (methylene-diphenyl-isocyanate) based

product is 100% solvent free and 100% solids. The product starts to

react when mixed and does not need moisture from external sources

for the reaction. The cured foam offers limited structural strength

combined with increase in volume and excellent bonding properties on

dry and with limitations on wet surfaces. The product is not a

replacement for typical epoxy injection but offers an alternative for

filling larger spaces that demand limited structural strength. The

compressive strength of the reacted product is typically much higher

when filled with an inert mineral such as sand.




® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam


designed to fill voids in soil and stone, brick or concrete structures for

the purpose of waterproofing as well as regaining certain structural

strength. The excellent combination of hardness and flexibility qualifies




® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 for use in

areas where structural strength and moderate flexibility are desired.




® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 is an

excellent soil solidification foam which can be used to seal, lift, fill and

densify soil next to and under structures such as roadways, driveways,

runways, patios and other buildings by utilizing a deep grout injection


The expanding and compressive strength qualities of



® 1640


SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 make it a price

competitive alternative for the filling of large voids and 'pockets'. The

structural strength of the foam product is highly correlated to the

expansion rate and the use of inert fillers such as sand. On the job

testing may be neccessary to determine the suitability.


SealBoss ®



SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 is a polyurethane foam

that increases its volume up to eight times in its original formulation,

forming a closed cell structure. The 600% to 800% increase in volume

cuts down the material consumption drastically.


SealBoss ® 1640



(TM) & Water Plug Foam


can be applied in dry and wet

areas. Additional moisture may increase the expansion. The standard

mixture expands approximately six times in volume. For larger orders

the material can be custom designed to allow more or less expansion

and to increase or decrease the gel time. To achieve most satisfying

and permanent results in certain applications, a commbination of




® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 with other

systems of our product line may be advised. Ask your




technician for details.




® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 is not

designed to stop high velocity water leaks. To stop active water leaks

please refer to



SealBoss ® 1510 Water-Stop-Foam.



® 1640 SlabLifter (TM) & Water Plug Foam

 is a preadjusted

two-component foam system.

The mixing ratio is 1:1 (A:B) by volume. At room temperature the

pot life is approximately five to eight minutes. The expansion process

will last for approximately twenty minutes. The material will be completely

cured after sixteen hours.

Due to the short gel time, dual-component equipment is deemed

mandatory for injection. In some cases the product may be poured.

Independant of the application procedure, the components need to be

thoroughly mixed either in a container prior to the application or by the

use of a static mix head just before the injection.

It is essential for all equipment to be dry. Avoid any moisture

contact with the mixture to prevent premature reaction of the product.

If reaction of the batch occurs while pumping, immediately shut down

the machine and flush as recommended below to avoid built up and

clogging of the equipment.


Remove all excess product and any smears. Tools and mixing

equipment must be cleaned immediately after use.


R70 Pump Flush


is good to your equipment and should always be used. For best results

please follow our recommendations.

First Step



is conditional - Omit if in conflict with regulations on the

jobsite or the equipment you use: Flush first with a very small amount

of solvent (not supplied by us) to cut remaining material. Caution: Xylol,

Toluol, Acetone, M.E.K. are hazardous, combustible, aggressive

towards the environment, equipment, seals and hoses. Immediately

follow second step.

Second Step:



Flush with R70 Pump Flush  circulate cleaner

through pump and hoses for several minutes at higher flow rates.



Pump Flush



is a solvent free, non-flammable cleaner, lubricator and

pump and hose conditioner. The product ships without any hazard

label. We assumes no responsibility for equipment damaged by use of



Protect your health! While working with this material, safety

goggles, gloves and safety clothing must be worn at all times. While

injecting, a full face shield is strongly recommended. Spills and blowouts

do happen! Protect yourself and others on the jobsite. Consider

property in proximity of the application area to prevent loss or damage.

Protect your jobsite from unauthorized persons. Store all materials and

equipment safely and out of reach of children!

Observe container labels, MSDS, and instructions in the Product

Catalog before using the product and equipment. In case one of the

components comes in contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with

soap and water. Provide adequate ventilation in volume and pattern in

working area. Further protection: emergency showers and eyewash


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